Coolest proposal ideas that don’t burn a hole in your pocket

With the proposals getting elaborate and flamboyant than ever, we have sourced the Internet to find some proposal ideas that don’t cost a bomb and are still creative, romantic and original.

1.) Proposal for the book lover– this is for the ones whose partner is an avid reader. Buy two copies of a book that your sweetheart is dying to read. Hollow out one & secure the ring inside. Give her the hollowed out one first and after popping the question, you can give the real one to read.

2.) For the frequent flyer– if your partner is a jetsetter, then this is perfect for you. Make your friends or family hold the placards of “will you marry me” at the airport. Make sure you are holding the placard of “Me”.

3.) Podcast Proposal – create your own podcast and sneak it onto her iPod.

4.) The basic at home– you can involve your family and friends for added fun. Tell everyone to put on a T-shirt or carry helium balloons bearing the letters in the phrase,”will you marry me”?

5.) Glow in the dark– this is the closest you can get to proposing under the stars. Put up glow in the dark star stickers on your ceiling and in between the alphabets of “ Will you marry me”.

6.) Matryoshka dolls– another marriage proposal idea is to wrap the ring box inside several bigger boxes, like Russian nesting dolls, so your sweetheart will think the present is very large. As each layer is opened, the excitement will build. Get down on one knee right as the last doll is opened.

7.) Surprise photo shoot – Engage a photographer to capture your proposal but tell your partner you’ve won a romantic couple’s photo shoot. Propose mid-shoot and follow it up with a romantic, all candid engagement shoot.

8.) Clubbing Night proposal– take her for a night of dancing and then ask the DJ for the mike. Pop the question amidst the happy dance by singing a song for her.

9.) Street Caricaturist– Tell the street caricaturist to make a sketch of both of you, with two bubbles of “ Will you marry me” and “Yes” for each of you.

10.) Silver screen moment– this one could be a little heavy on the pocket but not bank breaking for sure. Pay for one slide of advertisement that previews before the movie. You could negotiate with the theatre authorities for the best price. Make sure to reach the theatre early enough.

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