Ten things to ask your wedding photographer

1. What all is exactly included in your packages– check whether prints, albums and proofs, as well as extra coverage such as pre wedding shoot are covered. They can all alter the costs significantly. Before booking the photographer, you should be aware of everything that you will be getting in the said price.

2. Will you be my actual photographer or it will be your associates– if the head photographer won’t be covering your wedding and it will be one of his team members, then make sure to see the pictures clicked by that person.

3. How long after the wedding, do we get to see the pictures– you would be keen to see the pictures asap but sometimes it can take months. So by knowing the time beforehand you can manage your waiting time well in advance.

4. How do you coordinate with the videographer– for good pictures and videos, it is important that both the photographer and cinematographer work in harmony and don’t get in each other’s way.

5. Kind of paper used for the prints and wedding album– the paper used should be resilient, acid free and able to stand the test of time because your wedding album is going to be cherished by you for long.

6. Copyright issues– if you are not a social media and public person, then you may have a problem with your pictures going up on the Instagram and Facebook pages of your photographer. For this, it is important to know that who has copyrights, digital and online rights for the pictures.

7. Stay arrangements– know beforehand if you need to arrange for the stay of your photographer and his team.

8. Editing and retouching– all photographers have a different policy for this. Some would edit and colour balance all the pictures and others would show you the unedited proofs before and retouch only the pictures that you select. Ask what approach your photographer follows.

9. Hours of coverage and overtime charge– it is important to know if your photographer is going to be shooting for a fixed number of hours or not. If the number of hours are fixed, then you could be charged a lot for the extra hours. In that case, you might want to reconsider your options and
discuss with him the possibilities.

10. Total fees and advance deposit– many photographers would take the full amount at once and others would take a certain deposit before and rest of the amount later. Discuss the payment policy clearly with your photographer.


Do make sure to ask your photographer all these points before booking them to avoid any hassles later.

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