The most unique Save the Date ideas

  • Scratch Card- create an air of mystery by sending your guests a save the date scratch card. They would be excited as to what are they getting to see while scratching the card.


  • Message in a bottle/ wooden flip flops– if you are having a beach side wedding, then this is the most ideal way to send your save the date. You can opt to send the message in a glass bottle or in the form of flip flops engraved with your wedding date.


  • Luggage Tag– this works well if you are having a destination wedding. The luggage tag scores high on utility too


  • Bookmark– for the book lovers and avid readers,  a save the date that doubles up as a bookmark is pretty cool 


  • Word Search– when you are a word nerd, you can get everyone else in the game by sending word searches. We assure you that your guests would have a lot of fun in finding the letters save the date among the scrabbled words.

P.S- be smart enough to write down the date on the card as your guests would not be knowing the wedding date.


  • Cinema Ticket– for the couple who is a movie buff and have a lot of movies inspired touches in the wedding, the drill starts right from a save the date in the form of a movie ticket.


  • Balloon– the coolest save the date ever. Your wedding date would pop up when your guests inflate the balloon.


  • Dreamcatcher– nothing can be more whimsical and magical than sending the first look of your wedding on a Dreamcatcher. Your guests would be hooked to know how dreamy the wedding is going to be.


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