The cutest ways to make your pet a part of your wedding

Being a bride can be emotionally taxing in many ways…leaving your family, leaving your room and most importantly leaving your pet. It is equally traumatic for your four legged buddy to see their partner going. 

To lessen the agony, we are listing a few ways by which you can include your fur babies in your wedding and enjoy every bit of the festivities with them.


Paving the way for bride’s entry- this has to be undoubedtly the cutest entry of all times. Be prepared to hear a lot of “awww” when your dog walks down the aisle before you and steal the show.

Amber Vickery Photography

Megan Kay Photography


Walking down the aisle with the bride- when Priscilla Chan walked down with her dog, we took notes of it. This moment will be etched as a sweet memory in your heart forever. 

Image source- Pinterest


First dance for three- when you and your man are invited to the dance floor for the first dance, you can include your furry pooch in and make it the cutest dance ever

Gina Paulson Photography


Get them in the prewedding shoot- you will have the cutest set of pictures with your bundle of joy

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Save the date- let your pet be the one to announce your wedding date to people. 

 Candid Kama Photography

Zcreate design via Etsy

Image source- Nitin Arora Photography


Must have photos- make sure to click these pictures with your pet to make for some paw-licious memories on your wall post your wedding. Get a portrait for keeps, the one with your wedding dress, in your engagement ring shot and many more cuddly poses.

Image- Pinterest

Image- Pinterest

Karan Sidhu Photography

The Wedding Salad

Stacey Lee Photography


As wedding cake toppers

Image courtesy- Etsy


Popping the question- take note boys, your girl would never be able to say no to such a cute proposal

Image source- Pinterest


As part of your wedding decor- you can incorporate elements showing your love for your pet in your wedding decor. Be it in the form of photo booth props or as cheeky signages. These woould also give a personalised touch to the decor.

Image- Pinterest

Image- Pinterest


Part of the baraat- why cannot our grooms show their love for their for their furry friends. Boys you can dress him in a tux and make him your best man or make them a part of the baraat wearing the same safa as you.

Image source- Pinterest

Image source- Pinterest


Send us your wedding pictures with your fur babies!!

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