The cake toppers you need for your wedding cake

The wedding cake is an integral part of a wedding and makes for some sweet memories for your wedding pictures. The cake toppers for your wedding cake have to be impressive and eye catchy. There are many styles of cake toppers, from romantic to funny and creative to reflective of your personality.

We are bringing to you the five most unique trends in cake toppers which are a far cry from the old and worn out bride groom figurines.

Incorporate these and let your wedding cake do the talking.


Initials/ Monogram cake topper- you can opt to do it the regular way (on the top of the cake) or do it on the sides. They come in various styles and patterns. Pick the best suited for you.


Image courtesy- Pinterset

Image courtesy- Etsy


Romantic Signs Cake Topper- if you both are the romantic kinds then these are perfect for you.



Picture courtesy- Betteroffwed via Etsy


Mr. & Mrs. Cake Topper- this is as self explanatory as it can be.

Image courtesy- Kelsey Stewart photography

Image courtesy- Smash Studios photography


Polaroid Cake Topper- the simplest and cutest of them all. Show your love by putting a polaroid picture of you two as a cake topper.


Light Bulb Cake Topper- the most creative cake toppers ever. We can not vouch enough for how brilliant and innovative they look.

Image- Pinterest


Which one did you like the most?

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