Thoughtful ways to make your grandparents feel special at your wedding

Grandparents are the ones who spoil us with all the love, affection and care. More than you, they have been dreaming of your wedding. You are lucky if they are there at your wedding, so make them feel special on your big day. 

We have listed a few ways in which you can honour your grandparents at your wedding. Even if they are not physically with you, there are ways in which you can pay them a sweet rememberance at the most important day of your life.


Include in some way,a piece of their clothing in your wedding dress- girls could get a patch of their grandparents clothing sewn somewhere on their lehenga, boys could wear their grandfather’s tie or brooch.

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Walking down the aisle with them

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Wear a heirloom piece of your grandmother’s jewellery or a piece that has been passed from generation to generation

Schedule a photoshoot with your grandparents-make sure to create a bucketful of memories with them to cherish forever.

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Make your dadi ma’s signature recipe a part of the wedding menu- include your grandmother’s special biryani or halwa in your wedding menu. Make your guests savour your dadi’s finger licking dum biryani or gajar ka halwa.

Include their pictures in your kaleeras/Wear a bracelet or anklet with their picture- if you have lost your loved ones, then include their pictures in some form in your wedding accessories.


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Leave a seat in their memory- dedicate a seat to them to acknowledge their presence inspite of the physical absence.

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Display their pictures as a part of the wedding decor- make a photo wall or family tree with all the generations together.Image courtesy- With love Nilma

Legacy of love table


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Let us know how you made your grandparents feel important on your wedding.


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