Hola Summer!! Unique food ideas for summer weddings


While surfing pinterest, we came across some really cool ideas that you can incorporate in your wedding. So beat the heat and give your guests some respite in the scorching summer by including these super fun drinks and desserts in your wedding menu.

Edible flowers in cocktails- can the drinks get any more pretty.. such a simple way to jazz up your regular cocktails.

Beverage dispensers- how cool is that…  your guests would thank you for refreshing them with fruit infused waters, iced teas, lemonades and all that you can think of in these dispensers. We bet these are going to be the most instagrammed thing at your wedding.

Candy floss- gone are the days when candy cane used to be given in its usual avatar. Now there is candy floss champagne and ice cream.


Popsicles- a popsicle station, popsicles in drinks, the ways are many. Pick either the fruity ones or the floral ones.




Frozen fruits- need we say more. The staple things for any summer wedding are fruits. 

Jello shots- jello screams summer and what more to ask for when you get them with vodka and champagne.

Strawberry champagne jello shots
Cosmopolitan cranberry jello

Pictures courtesy- Pinterest


We loved these ideas for making your summer wedding a sweat free affair. Which ones did you like?

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