Got hitched & want to announce it on social media…here is how to do it in style…


He has put the ring on and you cant wait to tell the world that you are taken. We are giving you a few ideas of announcing your engagement on the social media in the most interesting ways possible.


USING A PROP- off that gorgeous ring by using fun props. This is simple AF. We love that phone screenshot idea.






WEAR IT- announce your new relationship status with these custom t-shirts.



QUIRKY ENGAGEMENT CARDS- aren’t these witty engagement cards so cool..



THE CLASSIC- timeless and classic.. “I said yes”, written on your hand or on a placard.



FOLLOW ME- replicating Murad Osmann’s iconic follow me to shot, to flaunt that ring.


DREAMY PROPOSAL- if you have been proposed at an exotic the world your moment of love and set your instagram feed on fire. You could also geotag the location and snap it for letting your friends & family experience your moment in real time.



WITTY BONES- if you two love cracking up and are always up for some naughty things, we suggest getting clicked some cute pictures to share your engaged status.



HAVE YOUR FUR BABY SHARE THE NEWS- it cannot get any more cute than this.


What worked for you, do let us know..

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