Groom styling check list.. take note boys!!


Yes.. we are guilty of obsessing more over our brides, but this time we have got something for our grooms. 

Uber cool accessories to amp up your look boys and trust us, we are not talking about the regular pocket scarfs or kalgi here.. 

Incorporate these in your traditional & western wedding looks and make a dapper entry to whisk your bride.


PRINTED SAFAS- they have been in for a while now.. printed safas in all pastels, florals and prints are perfect for a summer wedding.

Image source- Pinterest


CHAIN BROOCH- ideal for adding that extra bit to your sherwani..

Image source- Manyavar


STATEMENT BOW/TIE- go for a bow for a classic english look or a bold tie with your tux..


Images- Pinterest


POCKET SQUARE- move past the regular pocket squares. Take cue from these boys by layering up multiple pocket scarfs or replacing the cloth scarfs with flowers and feathers for taking your style game a notch higher.



Images- Pinterest


BOUTONNIERE- how we love a stylish boutonniere tucked nicely in place..

Image source- Ombre by Harsheen Jammu


SUSPENDERS- stand apart from the crowd and wear suspenders for a casual pool side mehendi or your sundowner.


Images- Pinterest


CUFFLINKS- get them personalised with your wedding date etched on them or go for the ones with cute love quotes.

Image source- Pinterest


Image source- Etsy


TIE CLIP–  an addition as tiny as a tie clip can add a flair to your look.

Image- Etsy


Image- Etsy


BROOCH- go for a fun or a vintage brooch.


Images- Pinterest


SOCKS- let your socks play peek a boo and add some drama to your outfit.

Image source-


So, what is your favourite accessory?




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