Simple ideas to make your wedding interactive!!!

Yes… we have got you covered!!! Here are some cute little things that you could do at your wedding to engage your guests and make them more involved in your big day. 

Not only are these simple AF but they would make sure that your wedding is cherished by one and all.


DISPOSABLE CAMERAS- encourage the guests to capture the moments in their own way. Give them disposable cameras and they will feel a part of the celebrations in the true sense.



FLIP FLOPS FOR CHANGE- the ladies would not stop thanking you for giving comfort to their tired, heel ridden soles.

Image- Pinterest


HONEYMOON FUND- because after all what are friends and family for…😛



VIDEO BOOTH- a video booth is so much more interactive than a photobooth.

Image- Brook Courtney photography


TATTOO STATION- let your guests take back home..permanent memories of your wedding!! Not really, go for these fun temporary tattoo stations.



MARK THE GLOBE- let your near and dear ones suggest places for your post wedding adventures and sign with their name, so that you know.. who suggested which place.

Image- Pinterest


DATE JAR- this would be so much fun and come in handy when you and bae run out of date ideas.

Image- Pinterest


COLOURING WALLS/ CANVAS- this is such a cool idea with the adult colouring books being in rage. Create a giant canvas or a wall mural that the guests can fill in to with colours and not get bored.



POLAROID WALL- let your guests put their polaroid pictures in the guest book or clip them up on a wall.

Images- Above: Below: Meigan Canfield photography via theknot


BLANKETS FOR WRAPPING UP- such a cute and inexpensive idea for winter weddings.

Image- Pinterset


HANGOVER KITS- you know that the wedding was fun…when you get these as return favours. Pretty thoughtful.. we think!

Image- Pinterest


Make your friends and family, go back with a smile from your wedding.. by incorporating these cute little things.

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