Sobbing Smiling Vidai pictures that we are loving!!

Well.. not all brides cry during their vidai. We saw some really happy brides and some left us teary eyed with their super emotional pictures. Vidai pictures are the most cherished ones for any bride. We say do not miss a picture with all your loved ones…your parents, brothers, bridesmaids and also your furry pooches. Keep them close to your heart forever.

Here are a few that we have loved and all you brides to be should consider getting similar kinds.

Image- Dipak Studios

Image- Design Aqua Studio

Image- Cool Bluez Photography

Image- Rahul Prakash Tilokani

Image- The Photo Diary

Image- Shutter Down

Image- Amit Sood Photography

Image- Design Aqua Studio

Image- Design Aqua Studio

Image- Design Aqua Studio

Image- Kartik Bhagat Dream Diaries

Image- Studio Narinder Photography

Image- Ombre by Harsheen Jammu


Do send us your pictures, we would love to see them!!

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