EXPERT TALK: Make up artist Sidak Arora in focus, to help you get that dewy, flushed from within glow for your wedding festivities!

So, we got on board for you, a make up artist who doesnt believe in caking you up. Sidak Arora has been associated with Daniel Bauer Makeup and Hair and is here to give tips and tricks on achieving that natural dewy, glow from within kinda skin on your D-day! These tips would come super handy if you are planning to do your own make up for your prewedding functions or wedding too.


Most Indian Brides like to go all out when it comes to their makeup, even if that might not complement their outfits. Overly made up faces might be the norm but now if you take one look at my instagram feed, you’ll see fresh, ethereal, glowing skin and utter complexion envy. 
A lot of brides are misinformed. They feel like they need to wear a lot since everyone else is. Sure, you can apply layers of foundation and highlighter to fake it all but if you have a great canvas to begin with, it’s all the more easier. It is very important to invest in your skin first. 

Take Note: a full skincare ritual should be a part of your daily routine. 
I can’t stress on the process of skincare more, you need to look at it as a way of self care, a ritual that you enjoy and indulge in. The better your skin is, the better the makeup is going to lay. 

‘Tis the time for your makeup to be very glowing. Please note: there is a difference between glowing and shimmery. Your makeup should look very healthy and luminous like you have gallons of water everyday, even if you don’t. 
Quick tip: add a few highlighting drops into your foundation to make your makeup luminous and glowy. You can also use a glowing primer or a dewy mist. 
You sure want to look very elegant and beautiful as every bride would want on their wedding day. As a bride, you have so much happening on your wedding day, to balance your hair, makeup, outfit and jewellery. Sure you want to have everything in place.

YOU WANT TO LOOK LIKE YOURSELF ON YOUR WEDDING DAYthat is the aesthetic. You want to enhance your natural beauty. The most important thing is to have THE CONVERSATION with your makeup artist before the day and not on the main day to see if you’re at the same wavelength.


These are a few looks created by her

 For Anita Dongre’s Show: Featured in Vogue


Her Instagram handle is- Sidak Arora Hair & Make up

Follow her and get Aditi Rao Hydari like dewy, porcelain skin for your wedding and pre wedding festivities.

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